Reduce CostEradicate Mold.Eliminate Gypsum UnderlaymentAccelerate Construction ScheduleMitigate Sound Transfer

Save Time, Save Money, and Build a
Better Project with SAPboard

Why Choose SAPboard

After years of research and development, RSP Industries is excited to introduce the first viable alternative to cementitious underlayments. With sound absorption rates as high as 56 IIC and 62 STC, the sound dampening abilities of SAPboard is second to none.

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Save Time with SAPboard

Reduce installation schedules by 3 weeks or more.

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Schedule Savings

SAPboard offers significant savings resulting from schedule improvements. And for owners, SAPboard helps to optimize the project completion timeline, resulting in earlier revenue opportunities. In fact, a 110-day construction schedule using cementitious underlayments can be cut to just 87 days by simply choosing SAPboard.

On a typical 4-story, 80,000 sq. ft. multifamily building, that’s a 23-day schedule savings – and even more on larger projects. That’s 3 weeks less construction time for the average contractor and it’s three weeks sooner for the owner to begin realizing revenue. These savings and cash flow benefits help ensure that your project stays on time and on budget.

SAPboard is the Sustainable Solution for Increased
Sound Absorption and Mold Prevention.