SAPboard Saves 3+ Weeks

SAPboard can save approximately 3 weeks on the construction schedule of a typical 4-story 80,000 square foot, multifamily project. In addition to general & administrative cost savings for the contractor, this allows the project to enter revenue service sooner for the owner. A 110-day construction schedule using cementitious underlayments can be cut to just 87 days by simply choosing SAPboard. On a typical 4 story, 80,000 sq. ft. multifamily building, that’s a 23- day schedule savings – and even more on larger projects. That’s 3 weeks less construction time for the average contractor and it’s three weeks sooner that the owner can begin to realize revenue. These savings and cash flow benefits help ensure that your project stays on time and on budget.

Compare The Schedule Savings

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Save Time. Save Money. Save with SAPboard.

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