Why Choose SAPboard

A Better Solution for Sound Absorbing Underlayment for Commercial and Multi-Family Construction

Improved Sound Absorption • Reduced Installation Costs • Critical Path Schedule Savings • Reduce Risk of Mold

RSP Industries manufactures a superior alternative to cementitious underlayments that provides improved sound absorption as well as reduced installation costs and other benefits.

SAPboard for Superior Sound Absorption

With sound absorption rates as high as 58 IIC and 62 STC, the sound dampening abilities of SAPBoard are second to none. SAPBoard surpasses the rating requirements for both Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) as well as LEED credit ratings.

SAPboard Test results (SB IIC)

SAPboard Test results (62 STC)

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For commercial, hotel, and particularly multi-family construction, reducing unwanted noise is essential and “acoustic comfort” is increasingly important. Multi-family construction is required to meet the acoustic requirements of the International Building Code (IBC), Section 1207. Airborne sound ratings of floor/ceilings assemblies require a minimum laboratory-derived rating of 50-STC (45-FSTC if field tested). For impact noise, the minimum laboratory rating is 50-IIC (45-FIIC if field tested). Buildings looking for LEED credits must have a minimum STC for floor/ceiling assemblies. STC and IIC ratings must be 55.

Improve sound absorption with the state-of-the-art SAPboard.

Build a better project today.

SAPboard for Reduced Installation Costs & Critical Path Schedule Savings

The innovative design of SAPboard sound absorption panel boards allows for sound barriers to be incorporated into the structure as the building is framed. This is one of the greatest time and cost savings, allowing for continuity of installation without the need to demobilize trades in order to pour gypcrete.

Projects that choose SAPboard over gypsum concrete underlayment typically experience schedule savings of 3-weeks and up. That is because work does not need to stop while gypcrete is being poured and setting.

3+ weeks schedule savings with SAPboard.

Build a faster project today.

SAPboard for Reduced Risk of Mold

By using SAPboard acoustic subfloor panels in the framing stage of construction, you eliminate the need to use wet cement. Pouring wet cement in an enclosed structure during a hot, humid summer is the perfect environment for mold spores to reproduce. Switching to SAPboard underlayment panels replaces the gypsum cement subfloor thus eliminating the risk of mold from moisture.

Reduce the Risk of Mold Growth During Construction with SAPboard.

Build a safer project today.