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After years of research and development, RSP Industries is excited to introduce the first viable alternative to cementitious underlayments. With sound absorption rates as high as 58 IIC and 62 STC, the sound dampening abilities of SAPboard are second to none.

The prevention of noise transfer between living spaces has been a challenge for architects and builders for decades. Large structures such as multi-family dwellings and hotel buildings are especially prone to sound transmission between floors. Now, for the first time ever, the innovative design of SAPboard allows for sound barriers to be incorporated into the structure as the building is framed, thus allowing for continuity of installation without the need to demobilize trades in order to pour gypcrete.

These unwanted noises and sounds can flow like a network through a large structure. From the constant hum of electronic equipment in large office buildings to the everyday sounds of life in multi-family structures, the close proximity of units both above and below demands that attention is given to undesired sound transmission.

Sound Absorption Panel Boards are the latest innovation in acoustic subfloor design. SAPboard combines the ease of installation of a traditional subfloor with the sound damping qualities of the best acoustic isolation solutions in the industry. In every aspect, SAPboard provides installation benefits.

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