Easy Installation

SAPboard Installation

The SAPboard installation process is quick and simple. Contractors can install it in the same manner as a traditional subfloor, but without the usual prep time. SAPboard completely replaces the hassles of traditional gypsum concrete flooring; no dry and cure time, no demobilizing trades. Electrical and plumbing can start the same day.

Step 1

To install, just ensure framing and truss are square and level after all permanent bracing is installed.

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Step 2

Applying SAPboard adhesive to the top of the truss

Easy Installation sap slider2

Step 3

Space SAPboard on staggered centers

Easy Installation Floor Acoustic Underlay

Step 4

Ensure the space is equal on all four sides and that the SAPboard tongue fully engages in the groove as indicated.

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Step 5

Always install fasteners when adhesive is wet.

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Step 6

Ensure specified spacing is maintained.

Drill any necessary plumbing and electrical holes as floors are built. Remove any high points as you would with any floor prep.

Easy Installation reduced underlay installation 1

Forget Delayed Projects. Experience the Ease of Installation with SAPboard .

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